Telecom Base Station

By utilizing good wind and sunshine resources, the hybrid system provides a solution to telecom base stations in remote area.

Renewable Energy for Telecom Base Station at Tajikistan

Renewable Energy for Telecom Base Station
Case: Renewable Energy for Telecom Base Station
Turbine Model: P5000
Installation Year: 2011
Installation Place: Tajikistan



  • The BTS has load power of 2.5kW, working for 24 hours a day. The average wind speed is 6m/s per year. The effective sunshine is 4 hour per day.



  • One set of 5kW VAWT with 5.5m tower
  • One group of 5kW PV
  • One 5kW wind controller
  • One 5kW PV controller with combiner box
  • On diesel generator with charger
  • 24 pcs of 2V/800AH batteries connected in series



  • The wind and PV hybrid system covers 82% energy consumption of the BTS. It not only saves diesel costs and man labor of delivering diesel to the mountain site, as well as CO2 emission of 18ton.