Wind turbine-Power the Future


Home and Farm

Renewable energy helps save the electricity bill and live green.Wind or PV on-grid system is good for where individuals are allowed to feed their energy to the grid.Wind and PV hybrid off-grid system with battery bank is good for where distributed generation is not allowed.

Renewable Energy for Private House

Renewable Energy for Private House
Case: Renewable Energy for Private House
Turbine Model: P3000
Year of Installation: 2010
Country of Installation: Austria



  • Off-grid system for Individual house
  • Average wind speed is 5.6m/s
  • Effective sunshine is 4 hours per day
  • Energy consumption of the house is 8800kwh



  • One set of 3kW VAWT with 5.5m tower
  • One group of 3kW PV panels
  • 8kW hybrid controller
  • 55 pcs of 2V/800ah batteries connected in series



  • The VAWT produces 5550kwh per year
  • The PV produces 3050kwh per year
  • The wind and PV hybrid system covers nearly 100% of the need of the house and saves the electric bill once and for all.

Wind Energy for Farm

Renewable Energy for Private House
Case: Wind Energy for Farm
Turbine Model: PK10
Installation Year: 2010
Installation Place: Austria



  • On-grid system for farm
  • In Australia, the individuals are allowed to sell their renewable energy to the grid.
  • Average wind speed is 6-7m/s
  • Electricity price per unit is AUS $0.3
  • System Configuration
  • One 10kW VAWT



  • The 10kW VAWT produces 25,000kWh per year, which equals annually AUS $7,500 payback.
  • In view of environmental protection, the VAWT saves CO2 emission of 25 ton per year.